Finding relatives who emigrated in America

Have you ever wanted to know whether your relatives were one of many who emigrated to America during the war? Which ship did they board? Maybe your grandfather was one of those who saw the Statue of Liberty from afar and shouted “AMERICAAAAA”…

I found this link for you that will allow you to find the answers to these questions:

Just write name and surname of the person you are looking for and click Find Passenger. I hope it will be a thrill for you (as it was for me) to notice, among the search results, that your uncle, grandfather, or great-grandfather, has landed at New York City port in 1900… I discovered that my great-grandfather made eight crossings (or sixteen round trips, if you wish), starting from Messina or from Naples, to arrive at the much coveted America. The site also indicates which ship the person has traveled with, how many years he or she had upon arrival and the city of residence. For those nostalgic of the travel documents, you’ll also have the ability to print a facsimile of the ticket by registering to the site.

So go! Let yourself loose with research and let me know who you found! ⛴🗽

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